Dark **Please dont copy**

by Kailynn

Days pass by and the rain hasn't let up,

I keep traveling but never know where I end up,
Time stopped ticking,I'm stuck in the moment,
Dark lurks close behind me as I go on forward,
My life is on a thread, just like a soldier,
I'm waiting for a change,there's too much in my shoulders,
Yea, life's a poser
And it really sucks to know that there's no disclosure.
Silent tears drop on the floor,
Praying to God that there's dark no more,
Used to fly high but I lost my soar.
Yea, life's a bore
But i know someday I'll open that next level door.
It's a hard decision picking from right or wrong,
It's like picking if you're listening to a good song.
I'm trying to find the light but it's taking too long.
Wait, am I doing something?
I found a door!
I open the door slowly, so dark will follow me no more.
And now that I'm through the door,
It's dark......

Copyright Kailynn

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Hi Kailyn
by: Anonymous

Everyone goes through a dark night of the soul and life seems unbearable. There will be others who feel the same as you do but one day the sun will come out and you will find things fall into place.

Just try taking time out and going somewhere there are flowers and green grass or doing something to give yourself a treat.

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