cross roads...

by laura

To start off... I'm twenty six years old. A single mother of a beautiful four year old daughter. Was married... divorced my husband because he severely molested our daughter. He remains in prison. I've gotten past the blow of it all.

I went to two trade schools. Two separate state licences that were needed. Had an amazing job. And just got fired. Lost my father a few years ago... and saw his dead decayed remains everywhere. In these short three years. I've had hell pleasantly knock on my door and hand me a hand basket.
I do what I have too... I have a child who I put my life into. I'm very fortunate to have a family that provided us with a home. And no worries. But I'm hollow as hell underneath it all. I've seen doctors to make sure my child is ok..they assure me she will be. When it came to me... Here's a few meds see you next month. I don't trust people ... I married a monster. I don't know..- feel like its all me but then I'm like ... I'm ugly I'm this. Childish sh*t. Above all else ... its tough. I don't know what I'm trying to say. I just came across this... and have no one to talk to so here goes nothing...

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Cross Roads
by: Anonymous

It takes a long time to work through something like molestation affecting a family member and unfortunately it is just too common but now at least it comes out in the open. Years ago people suffered in silence not realising that it was wrong, and the offender took advantage of their silence.

I have a friend whose former husband abused their children and she never found out until years later when her eldest son confronted his father and took proceedings against him. Unfortunately the only daughter in the family would not come forward and give evidence which meant that the father got away with that. She is difficult and unstable and she does need some sort of therapy but she has suppressed the memories but gives her mother a hard time when any issues come up.

You need some counselling from someone who can help you work through this and your daughter may need this too. Your husband is out of your life and you have to move on. If you look around you will find the right person to help you. You will finally have to make a new life for yourself and you need friends and interests. There will be groups around who can also give your friendship and hope and the support that you will badly need.

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