confidence problem from childhood

by vipin

I suffer a confidence problem. I am afraid from my friend from my parents and others who are living ahead of me.

I cant work with confidence and many times the thought comes to mind that I should commit suicide.
I hate my self.

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confidence problem from childhood.
by: Anonymous

Take heart, you are not on your own, there are thousands of others like you, feeling the way you do. It does not help thinking of suicide. You were placed on this world to live, to learn and achieve and that you can do. Many young people experience feelings of worthlessness during their youth but when they get older, they can realise what they are capable of doing.
You can contribute to someone else's well being by being there for them. Take a look at the people around you and see what their lives are like, you will find they feel much the same as you do.
Take a stock of all the activities you do well and find others that appeal to you. Best of luck

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