I have been talking to friends and the subject of communication came up. Their feelings on the subject have been varied.

A couple of people felt that their nearest and dearest sometimes seemed almost unfeeling. There could be a feeling of disconnectedness, and a distance between them and the people whose lives they shared.

Disagreements boiled up when people could not feel they could speak outright calmly and with conviction. They felt threatened if they said what they thought and because of that they went on attack.

It does not take much for misunderstanding to come about, they have not found the right way to say what they want to, without offending or hurting someone.

Just because someone cannot say I love you, it does not mean that they do not care.

In some situations, the other people concerned found it easy to give some sort of present to convey what they felt for their partner, others have performed some unexpected service.

Men, particularly find it hard to express any emotion, they have been often trained from childhood to conceal their thoughts and expressions. It was unmanly to cry or to show any grief, disappointment, or love.

Parents may be undemonstrative, because they are naturally reserved and find it hard to show affection.

We are all conditioned by our childhood experiences, and although we know that our parents and siblings love us, we have grown up feeling embarrassed if people are demonstrative in showing their feelings in public.

It may take years for habits to change and to be able to communicate in a way that people can relate to us.

When people come together, their actions and thoughts impinge on the others they are involved with, it may take a while for them to find lifestyle balances that suit both of them.

It is also important for anyone to have spaces for themselves that a partner will respect and honour, also for them to do the same, for the other partner. After all we are all individuals, and in the end we belong only to ourselves.

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