by Elizabeth

Communications are important between people in whatever form they are given and received.

Today I had a conversation with a friend who stated that she preferred a nice handwritten letter, she could not understand that I did not mind in whatever way I heard from someone. I felt that it did not matter so long as whoever was contacting me was doing just that, and that they cared enough to stay in touch. It did not matter to me that it might come re an e mail, letter in the post, telephone call or a visit so long as I received a message, spoke to them or saw them.

Every day we receive communications of various kinds, they may be spam, advertisements, legal matter, bills and notifications regarding clubs and societies that we may belong to. Other formal letters may be complaints about service or products which have to be set right.

It is most important that we remain in touch with the outside world. It is a sad situation when people retreat within themselves into their homes and for days, weeks, months and even years at a time when they do not phone, receive visitors or even venture outside their properties. They do not contribute to their community in any way and in the end they miss out on life.

A nice handwritten letter may be personal, written in special circumstances such as congratulations on achievements, bereavement, the birth of a baby, a wedding or the recipients moving from one home to another or going overseas.

Typing a letter may seem impersonal but there are circumstances where it is easier for the sender and the recipient where handwriting is rather hard to decipher and it can be embarrassing if something in the letter has been misconstrued.

Older people have finally given in to using computers to communicate with grandchildren who may be away from home. Also when an e mail is sent, it is quite possible for the recipient at that stage to e mail back, straightaway and photos can be sent.

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To Elizabeth, Kay and other readers.
by: Stacey (England)


I agree so much in what you have written about, and it often makes both parties feel so up lifted from even the smallest contact if by phone, e mail, text, letter.

I wanted to share with you some words I got up and spoke about last Sunday at my church. I said about how on Easter Sunday morning I had sent all of my friends a text wishing them all a happy Easter, and I told each one that I loved them. After doing this I looked in my sent box and realised all the great friends I have and how I am truly lucky to have this.

I made a point of telling all that were at church not to forget friends and contact them, say hello, tell them how you care because I think it is far too easy to get caught up in every day living, then before you know it for one reason or another that friend is no longer about, or you have lost contact in some way.

At the end of the day there is no reason for not keeping in contact in the way the world is going with e mails, computers, and for those of you who have not discovered the wonderful "Skype" option yet, it is just so easy.

It really made me feel good sharing my message about what I had done, and maybe I might have helped someone else feel good too, I don't know.

Love and rainbows,
Stacey x

by: Kay

Thanks Elizabeth, I agree with you, I don't mind receiving a letter that has been typed, but I have to admit that I like it to have a handwritten signature.

You are right, the age of the computer is here, and if we want to stay up with the play, then we have to learn how to at least send and receive emails. I enjoy checking my email box every morning for my messages.

Take care, Kay

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