Chronic fear and depression every day

by Verlinda

I am encouraged to find this site. Thank you for sharing yourself with others and for providing an outlet for those who are suffering from depression/anxiety, etc.

That's me. I'd rather not say how old I am but just to say that I am old enough that living where I am and not having anything successful in my life has been eating away at me. This has been going on for over three years. But I can see that it goes way back into my teens as well.

Like many out there, I have tried and am in therapy, medications and psychiatrists, meditation and still, I have this ghastly, awful horrible feeling that my life is worthless because I am too old and have yet to achieve anything lasting that I can be proud of and it's too late.

I am not, nor have I ever been married, not even engaged! Have no children and am living in a friend's house paying him some rent because my finances are so bad.

I feel too depressed and shaky to apply for a job and am living basically on savings. I feel like I have no more chances to lead a positive life and be happy. This leads right into thoughts about suicide.

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No life is ever wasted regardless of circumstances
by: Anonymous

No life is wasted even though the people concerned feel that they have never done anything worthwhile.
Take a pencil and paper and note done what has been positive in your life and you may be surprised.
It is just so easy to let someone who does not understand where you have been to put you down as being useless.
Just look at it this way, the people who have done something to help you will have learned from you and it has given them a good feeling that they have helped you in some way.
There are activities which you are good at, look at them and concentrate on them.
Out there is someone else that you can assist in some way because you understand what they are going through.
Kay has given you advice just look at it.

by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. When our problems are caused by what happened to us in our childhood they become deep rooted and very difficult to come to terms with and get rid of. Even though we know they are at the core of our problems it sometimes doesn't make it any easier for us to totally conquer the fear they have caused.

As hard as it is going to be I recommend you leave thoughts about the past behind you. The past has gone and you cannot change anything that happened.

What you focus on has become your reality. You focus on the fact that you feel depressed, that you can't cope, you have let yourself know that you are worthless and that you have no more chances in life. You now believe this as your truth.

Focus on how you want to be, change your mind pattern into telling it good things about yourself and as you focus on positive thoughts, over a period of time these will become your reality.

Now is the time to look forward to a positive future. Re-program your mind with positive thinking. Make a conscious effort and stop the negative things you tell yourself. Whenever you hear a negative thought come to mind get rid of it instantly and replace with a positive thought. "I am a strong person" "I am confident"
"I am worthwhile", or words that you choose which will make you feel good about yourself.

You may think changing your thought pattern isn't going to help, but it will when you stay determined to change.

Give it ago. Good luck.


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