by chantel
(espanola NM)

Well first off my name is Chantel.

I'm 16 years old. I'm not the skinniest but I'm not the fattest.
I have dated boys before but now I wonder why I cant seem to find a boyfriend and I realized it is because of my confidence.
I'm not confident with my body, and my sister is not as skinny either but she has guys all over her because she is confident, so how do I be confident?

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Chantel my darling girl
by: Anonymous

You will find confidence by doing things you love. Do you love studying and are you good in school work? If so, throw yourself into that, learn as much as you can because you will need to support yourself in life.

Even if you marry, you must always be prepared to take care of yourself and be independent, be able to support any kids you may have one day. Husbands die and they sometimes leave for whatever reason.

Look for things you like to do, and spend time doing them - your confidence will increase and then you will be glowing with happiness and will be attractive not only to boys but to everyone. You'll have new friends. At 16, you should not be thinking of one BF - you need to just date, concentrate on your studies, and spend time with girlfriends, too.

Have fun and don't worry about your love life - there is plenty of time for that later.

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