Changing the way I think about situations and the outcomes...

by Jack King
(Carlsbad, CA)

I am 25 years old and I struggle with the negative thoughts and the the outcomes they produce before even attempting to solve the situation.

I have a physical injury that my mind tells me it will never heal if I don't take time off work. I go through scenario after scenario to try and find solutions, but some how come up with ways that it wont get better.

I have a low self esteem rooting from past and present failures, and I beat myself up for not achieving my goals and aspirations. I am a very driven individual with so much to live for, and I am letting false thoughts dictate the outcome which is usually negative. I tell myself that I can and I will, except sometimes I don't truly believe it.

Why do I ultimately believe the negative before the positive? Do I need to just keep working at attaining a more confident, positive perspective? I am in a state of dire need and wold appreciate your thoughts and concerns. Thank you...

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You will be great!
by: Rachel Ryan

Jack King, it's been so long since I've talked to you. We lost touch over the years. I'm not exactly sure what this website is but i googled you and this came up. You always had the biggest heart when we were growing up. I know you will be great. Don't lose hope! You are loved so much! I wish you the best of luck with everything!

Brother Get Out Of this
by: Anonymous

You are at least among your people who love you. And if you need success in life try the smart work more than hard work. I too have problems. I am not white and being brown poor Christian in India , my father is a believer and exorcist. But we have literally nothing.

Out of all christian boys in school, I was bullied and hated most because I was good at studies and games too. Others including teachers hated my talent and religious background, still I am giving myself false hope that someday I will take my share of progress and rise from the rest of evil doers. I know this won't happen ever. but still I am somehow trying to beat the life's critical situation.

You should see that you have a handsome appearance and soon will get good days because you believe in yourself and feel good saying - no problem anything may happen, I will whip the situations out and make them adjust with you.

Limiting self talk
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Your sub conscious is very powerful, it believes anything when it is told it often enough. It cannot tell the truth from a lie, and so it accepts what it is told as the truth.

When the inner core of you believes you can't, then your subconscious acts on this information and low and behold, you are right. You can't.

What you focus on becomes your reality. Self limiting thoughts make you how you are. Leave the past in the past where it belongs, you cannot change it no matter how much you beat yourself up over what you should have done, could have done or didn't do. You waste energy by thinking back over past mistakes. Focus on how great you are, how you much you can and will achieve.

Don't dwell on those negative thoughts that have become your reality, push them away with strong positive comments about yourself. Start right this minute by concentrating on what you can do and will do. Get rid of any doubts that come creeping in, these are the subconscious reminding you of how you have programmed yourself to be.

You can change how you are by repeatedly affirming how great you are, how worthwhile, special, in fact however you want to be. Get that sub conscious of yours to change its belief pattern.

Believe in yourself. Know in your heart that you can change. When you run through those scenarios change them to how amazing they go and give yourself a very successful outcome. Visualise the outcome, feel the inner joy from the success that is yours, believe it and make it so.

You control your thoughts, no one else. You make your reality by how you respond to them. Choose carefully the thoughts you want to make your reality. When a negative one surfaces, get rid of it, don't dwell on it, replace it with a good thought.

With determination I am certain you can change the reality that is yours at this time.

Good luck, stay positive!


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