Change the way you think to Change the way you see to Change the Way you Be!

by Biancia
(Lynchburg, Virginia)

The bible tells us that we are a triune being-mind, body and spirit and, that we are made in the image of God. So, when I consider this fact, I have to ask just what does it mean to be "made in the image of God" and just how can that help me grow into a spiritually healthy person? This is what I have come up with!

First, God is a spirit that is invisible which lives within me and provides me with guidance and direction as I journey through the wilderness called this world.

He has a voice that speaks to me and, if I choose to listen to it and have the courage to obey it, I will see miracles in my life albeit, small ones but, sometimes, I will see big ones as well. The miracles enhance my confidence in God and show me that putting my trust in Him was a good move.

AS I continue to unlearn self reliance and relearn God reliance which is another word for childlike faith, I will see God change the way I think which will change the way I see my world whereas, it is not a place that is impossible to succeed in but, instead, with God, all things are possible and, that will change the way I "be" in this world.

Whereas, instead of being fearful, I am brave, instead of being reclusive I become outgoing and instead of being held back, I am moved forward by all the challenges God places before me.

Knowing that I am made in His image and have Him living spiritually in my body gives me the winning edge for, I know that I am an overcomer because, I have the Overcomer living within me. Thus, I cannot lose but, instead, I can only look forward to my future with great hope and expectation and, to me, that is growth and success.

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