cant get a job

by Starr
(Georgia )

I am 27 years old living on my own but I cant get a job no matter where I apply I'm either too over qualified or they aren't interested in me. I had my resume professionally done at an a high price and it has not helped one bit. I am frustrated and I feel like everyone else gets jobs and raises and nice lives and I get nothing.

I don't know what to do and to make it worse every guy I like does not feel the same about me and are rude when they turn me down.

Just so you know I am a southern girl trying to raise my self esteem and every time I try I just get kicked in the face for it.

Thank You for listening to my story.

Starr and yes this is my real name.

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can't get a job
by: Anonymous

Keep on trying and perhaps go over your CV. Sometimes if you feel hopeless, it may show. Even if something is short term,, give it a go. Talk to other people to get their options but do not take any notice of negative comments. Something will finally come up for you or you will see a way out but do not give up hope and do not panic if something does not go right.
You might have to look at something that at this moment does not appeal but the experience that you may get from that, may be helpful in the future.
If you can try and take a break, so me times that will help a lot. Good luck

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