Can't get a job as an Accountant

by blade

I can't seems to be able to find a job as an accountant. I have passed all my Accountancy exam in 2009 but I don't have any practical experience as an accountant. I applied for thousand of jobs between 2009 -2012 but I only had 2 jobs during that period and neither lasted more than 1 month. I realised as result doing these jobs they had a higher expectation from me.

As a result my self confidence went down and I started liking being unemployed since I was much happier but I am 30 years old and living with my parents and I decided that it's time grow up and try to get out of this situation. My aim within next 2 years find a decent job and move out of my parents house, they have been financially supporting me all my life they paid off my student loan so I wouldn't have any debt.

I have even tried apply for intern position but the fact that they prefer younger people who are in early 20's which means no one would hire me.

I have now been unemployed 6 months and I have no clue how to start becoming an independent adult.

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Cannot get a job as an accountant.
by: Anonymous

It is easy to get stuck in circumstances that you feel you cannot somehow or other get out of, like being at the bottom of a hole.
Have you gone to another careers advisor as there must be some other scope for you, in relation to taking some other type of training where you could use both skills.
I was was stuck after losing a job through the mischief making of another person and it took me a long time to work out of it. I can understand how you feel.
There will be something out there for you if you have faith and you explore all other options. It can be so easy to lose confidence when you get knocked back.
There will be an employer who will be glad of someone like you.

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