by Danielle Walton
(Birmingham )

When I was in secondary school I was bullied from year 7 to year 11 and since then my self esteem and self confidence is none exsistent.

I don't believe in anything that I do, I don't believe I'm good enough at anything. I don't believe that I'm a pretty girl even though I'm told I am.

I find it difficult to live with day to day activities because I feel like if I attempt them I'm just going to do wrong, I don't believe I'm smart as I was put down about the way I look and the way I was at school.

I find myself comparing myself to my younger sister wishing I was more like her... I don't know what to do, its bringing my family down and my boyfriend finds it difficult to cheer me up when I am in my moods as I'm really low and no one can seem to get through to me that life isn't always about the past its about the future.. but the past really drags me down.

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Low self confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Bullying is dreadful, as you have found, it can affect a life in all sorts of negative ways for years after it happens. However, if you can change how you think, and (I know this will be difficult) let go of past hurts, and become very strong in your way of thinking, you will be able to overcome.

Concentrate on how you want to be. Stop going over the reasons why you are how you are, change your thought pattern to how you long to be and you will find you are able to change.

Everything you say is negative, you are blaming everything in your life on your past, and yet you keep the past in the present by constantly dwelling on it. You have to let go, stop letting it drag you down, tell yourself you can become a strong person because of your past. Let yourself know you can overcome all the hurt, all the nastiness that was done to you, that you can and will rise above it and then leave it back in the past where it belongs.

Dwelling on it drags you down, so why would you want to do this to yourself? Your thoughts make you how you are so begin today by telling yourself how wonderful your life is, how happy you are and how thankful you are for your family and friends who love you.

Change to positive thoughts, forget the past and move forward with confidence and determination into the wonderful future that waits for you.


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