Breakup of relationships are painful

by Elizabeth Keats
(New Zealand)

I was talking to a friend who told me that her son had a breakup with his girl friend and was devastated, she was very worried about his state of mind and afraid that he would do something stupid. The young woman had left him and he felt that he could no longer live in the flat that they had and also wanted to give up his job.

Of course there are faults on both sides but I hope that the two have learnt something from the relationship.
In this day and age, breakups are more transient as people have more freedom and more independence than they did years ago.
Women tend to go for counselling more than men and they often seek comfort from other people. Men tend to go overboard, if the women break up from them, there is pride involved and they do not like to look as though they are failures. In extreme cases they may try and harm the ex partner and perhaps there would be less of that if they had to go for counselling and could see where they or the other partner had let each other down. Alcohol does not help either.
There is so much contributing to a breakup and it is a case of getting healing and being able to make other plans and move on. Rejection can leave scars and hurt which takes time to get over.

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