Break Up Issue

by Afnas


My name is Afnas.Well my issue is a about a broken relationship which I don't want to continue and I have told her about that but she is still back with me and wants me to love her and is making my life a hell. Please give me sincere advice to avoid her from my life and even make her life happy because I'm always making her life pathetic and hurting her always whenever she calls.

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Break up issue
by: Anonymous

You are in a difficult situation but you have made your intentions clear. It is hard for the other person who is clinging to you. She is going to need some help as she cannot let you go. In fairness to both of you she has to finally realise that is it. Is there anyone in her family who can give her the support that she needs. People often cling to a dead relationship because of insecurity and the inability to move on.

There is often manipulation involved when someone will not let go.
I think the only thing you could do is to move away if it is possible for you to do this, so long as she has support from friends or family. She will be very hurt but in the end I hope that she realises that nothing could have come of a continued relationship and that she will find someone else.

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