body shape and weight :(

Hi, well I was never a large child or someone too skinny, I was average. When I went through puberty things changed. My body shape changed and I gained quite a lot of weight and not in the 'its just natural' thing. I'm not obese or anything but I feel large and and full compared to the other females in my family. Whenever I see them its a constant reminder that I'm large and have an ugly body.

Some may say I look average, not overweight but not skinny but I have stretch marks on the side of my stomach which makes me feel sick looking at how much I've changed in four years. My friends tell me I'm fine and try to make me feel better but my family is a different story. They don't mean to make me feel bad but sometimes some of their comments that they say in my presence are very hurtful. It's not that I haven't seen myself; I know what I look like, but it hurts that other people say it and think that as well and would say it out loud without thinking that maybe it's a touchy subject to me. When a family member or elders say that (who aren't related to me) I stay quiet and act as if I'm not bothered but there's a good chance I'll have a cry in private about it. I can't tell them that because it'll just seem like I'm making a big deal about a little thing when in reality its quite a few things that add onto each other. I've lost hope in dieting, does anyone have any advice in motivation to lose weight or ways they avoided food and felt better about themselves. Every time someone says something regarding my weight I tend to comfort myself in food which makes things worse.
Please help, i'm 15 years old and i have no idea what to do.

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think positive
by: Anonymous

Do exercise regularly as people who are slimmer burn calories easier and it's opposite if people are larger.

I joined an exercise club as exercise is fun and the confidence will grow because you're changing your future.

At first you will not know the people but soon you will get to make friends at the club.
I may even find a boyfriend there and new opportunities should also come from this .

Body shape and weight.
by: Anonymous

Everyone is different, it would be awful if they were not. A book is not judged by its cover. It is personality that matters. It is the way you relate to other people. If you are a good listener people gravitate to you. You can do something to help yourself lose weight, I think just eat sensibly and try to get some exercise doing something that you love. If you like gardening that is a good way to lose weight or else if you belong to a walking group or can join one, you will have company and see all sorts of scenery when you are out and there will always be someone to talk to. Look at all these options, something will work for you.

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