believe in yourself

by Divya

Let me share with you my success story.

I wanted to get into the most prestigious college in my country. I had to pass the entrance exam and achieve a very good rank.Initially I worked hard but never believed that I will be successful. I was very tensed about my future. I had many negative people around me. I couldn't score well in mock tests.
I then read some books about positive thinking(for example "the secret" by Rhonda Bryne). I then realized my mistake. I took steps to change my attitude.
I started having just positive thoughts in my mind.
I started believing in myself. I worked hard with 100% confidence. I was always motivated. Within a few weeks I could see a drastic change in me. I was more focused. I always visualized me being congratulated by my teachers, friends and relatives for achieving a fantastic score in the entrance exam.
I had full faith in myself when I went and gave the exam. The paper was very easy and I was able to complete it on time.
A month later my results were out.
I had passed the exam with an amazing score. My parents were overjoyed to see my results. They were very proud of me. My teachers called me and congratulated me.
With this score I was admitted into the best engineering college.
You need to have faith in yourself and stay focused on your goal to achieve it.

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believe in yourself.
by: Anonymous

It is good to get feedback that is positive, someone will be helped by your comments that you worked hard to believe that you would succeed. I do believe that what you visualise does come to you.
There have been so many people contacting this website who have lost faith in themselves and do not know how to get out of the rut that they have fallen into. We tend to get conditioned by our families, especially from early childhood and it is easy to let adverse comments settle in ones brain and fester there. It takes a lot of weeding out to replace them with positive thoughts. I have always suggested that people who feel put down talk to someone who can see the potential in them and can help them bring it out.
It is possible to reinvent oneself and this is what you have done.

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