I am 26 years old. I have been working in an IT company with salary of 10000 per month. I am afraid of my future. Some times feeling like I am not suitable to live in the planet. Therefore I lost my self confidence, not able to do single work also with confidence. Still 3 years to go to marry. If I am still like this after marriage my wife will leave me. I have too much fear about world. From childhood I have lived with this fear. so unable to do anything and unable to achieve anything and unable to get good salary in my life. I am being wasted here. Can any one help me please to come out from this sadness life?

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by: Anonymous

Balram you are not the only person with this problem there are thousands of people out there feeling like this.

Sit down and write about all the things that you enjoy doing and what you would like to aim for and work on that. No one is worthless, we have all got strengths and weaknesses. It is likely that someone has made you feel like this and it is best to talk to someone even someone outside your family who can see the best in you.
If you are having problems at your work, is there a possibility that you can aim for another job.

Just remember there are people who feel worthless too and they take it out on other people who feel vulnerable. It is best to keep away from them. I would not worry about marriage until you feel that you are ready for this and the right person turns up.

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