Are we still in the stoneage mode instead of the 21st Century?

by Elizabeth

Present events make us wonder whether man has advanced in any way with so many violent episodes happening in society today. It seems during the last few years that murder is a common occurrence, when once there was perhaps the occasional person who lost their lives through foul play.

Even in these enlightened times, there are people who when they lose control of another women or man feel that this person has been able to walk away from them, will act to destroy them rather than feel they have lost face.

The devastation caused to the relatives of the victims and children left parentless, does not seem to register to the murderer. All they have ever thought about was the blow to their pride.

It was not so long ago, that women were regarded as chattels with no rights and treated rather badly. Society did not want to know and people in bad relationships went through years of torment often dying prematurely as a result. Naturally children suffered and there was no one outside to whom they could go to for help.

During the last few years there have been changes which have benefited both men and women. The pill gave women freedom to control their fertility and the attitude to marriage altered. In the past if you lived with someone or you had broken away from your marriage no matter how bad it was, you could be treated like lepers and isolated.

Now no one worries, people are beginning to realize that marriage is a man made custom to protect the family in the past and with both people in a relationship being able to earn their own money, a woman is no longer dependent on her partner for her bread and butter. Any child born out of wedlock no longer has to suffers the stigma of illegitimacy or be placed for adoption.

Unfortunately although a lot of young women behave responsibly when they find they are pregnant and do something about making themselves in future life independent and following their dreams of a career, there are too many who use their children as a meal ticket.

A lot of video games are violent and the players may not realize that to use such force as is used in those games in real life, can kill and cause severe physical damage in a person they assault. Too many young men are going into prison as a result of a foolish action. Had they stopped to think what they were to do, they might be free today

To a certain extent although we are supposed to be modern human beings with advanced technology, some of the old stone age instincts still remain as in the animal kingdom.

Certain species of animals move in groups, a few females with a dominant male controlling them. The same occurs in human beings, a lot of men will walk away if a woman leaves them and although they are upset and humiliated, they would not dream of causing her any physical harm. There are others who are controlled by primitive attitudes – it is okay to leave a partner but if she leaves them, their pride is hurt because they have lost face and they may do her harm. Some women will react in the same way but they are more likely to hurt the person who has superseded them.

There are women who have been on their own with children who have stupidly brought other men into their home because they have been lonely without taking any thought that such visitors are after one thing and if the children have caused a disturbance or been demanding of their mothers have harmed them.

I have talked to a number of women who are separated from former partners but still have to see them because of their children. They have left because of factors in the relationships which have made it hard for them to continue living together. The men have often been difficult and not really cooperating in the mutual care of the children. The same could be said of women who are trying to control the men instead.

There has been a battle of mind, body and spirit going on, continuing after the children are independent.

People now rush into relationships whereas in the past they may have hesitated, but as in the past there are still many unplanned and spontaneous pregnancies which has always been with us. Nobody now has to marry someone because they are pregnant, too many marriages in the past ended up in disaster because the man felt that he had been trapped and he had lost respect for his partner.

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Stoneage Mode
by: Anonymous

Nobody has commented on this after the first post that I put in. This is an old problem dating from primitive man. We have not moved on very much. Most people believe in a Higher Power who created the universe and that all pertains to it. Unfortunately religion has often been twisted to keep people in bondage instead of releasing them.
Every person and even animals on this planet have the right to decent treatment. No man, woman or child needs to be abused, and abuse may not be physical but verbal and psychological.
There is now a movement in schools to educate young people on life and relationships. I admire Lesley Elliott who lost her daughter in a tragic episode, that she has gone out and spoken to schools in an effort to make these children that they have choices and need to use them sensibly.

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