Anxiety & Depression

by Abbie

Hi I'm 20 and I've suffered with anxiety and depression for many years now, I think I have anyway, I have never been to the doctors or told anybody how I feel, I just think they will think I'm stupid and the way I feel will never go away no matter who I tell!

Everyday I just put on a fake smile and everybody just thinks I'm okay when deep down I am really sad.

These last 3 years have been the worst of my life. I just feel like my head is going to explode & I cant take anymore! I really don't know what to do any ideas?

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Anxiety and depression
by: Anonymous

You are not alone, there are other people in this position, if you go into this webpage you will find others who are facing the same problems
Don't be afraid to seek medical help, if you have a sympathetic doctor, he or she will do anything to try and help you. If they cannot help they will send you to someone who will be able to help you. There are support groups out there, whom you can contact and speak to about your worries and who can give you the support that you need.

You must not go on trying to cope alone if your family do not understand. There is help.

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