Afraid of positive thinking

by Harry
(MD, US)

I am afraid that if I change to positive thinking that I will somehow lose what I am or what makes me, ME. I am afraid that I will compromise with people who I oppose vehemantly based on my principles, give up the battle, I have waged (with them or about them) for so long. I will be perceived as someone stupid who was wrong all along, now has seen the light of day as other(s) have been saying.

I am afraid that with positive thinking, I will somehow see things from the others view point, and will compromise on my morals. As everyone knows even a criminal thinks somehow he is right. So my positive thinking may involve a thought "I can and should get along with that person" or "I should see things from others viewpoint". I don't want to give up my morals or my thinking.

I am afraid that positive thinking might change me for the worse, I am sure there will be some benifits too.

I have a lot of (stupid but justified in my twisted mind)reasons for not being positive, I just listed two.

How and where am I wrong????? and what to do about it.

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negative thoughts
by: Laura

I am really connecting to these messages of not wanting to think positive... mine go like this..."I don't want that "jerk" to think he's got me over a barrel... I KNOW you're lying and phony and I don't want to be like you!!" The problem with this is I'm straight out educated on this...

I'm getting my B.A. in Psychology...and according to a number of different researchers thinking 3 positive thoughts to 1 negative can change your life more than 76 % of the time to a "lucky" life. I, somehow, think I must be the "exception" and that somehow it won't work for me!

This is ridiculous, because my life is a pile of crap. I have exactly NOTHING I want and no one. So WHY am I so hung up on being negative? I think the answer is I'm 52 years old and I think something has passed me by... except I think it's probably just ...ME.

by: Anonymous

I understand you, I know exactly what you mean because I have the same problem. I feel inside me I have two people one is myself the one I cant let it be because maybe I would end up a bitch or mean or someone nasty and selfish. The other is who I try to be who I pretend to be and seems people notice. I'm not very convincing they notice the fakeness and they avoid me because they feel something is wrong... I really suffer with this, is it what happens to you?

Afraid of positive thinking.
by: Anonymous

You are free to think how you wish. It is a good idea to look at the positive aspects of any situation that you encounter and see what can be done about it. That is if a crisis happens in your life. Very few of us go through life without any hassles and it is how you deal with them that counts.
So called positive thinking can take some effort and you can end up not getting anywhere.
It is a matter of coasting along with life and seeing what comes up and acting accordingly.

Positive thinking
by: Kay

You are not wrong, if you are happy with how you are why would you want to change? Your thoughts are your own, stay as you are if this is what you choose.


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