afraid of going out

by samira

I have started getting nervous when anyone says come on lets go out. I do go out but then I start feeling unconscious, numbness. There is no reason I don't want to go out in fact I love being out with my family.

When I return back home I really feel disgusted about myself, that I trouble everyone with me.
I am trying to be positive and again take step to go out but again the same thing happens.

I would be glad if you could give me some advice.

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.
When you have negative thoughts, you get a negative result!

When you are asked out you automatically (maybe unthinkingly) put the thoughts into action that cause you to act in the way you do.

Can you concentrate on the wonderful time you are going to have, on how excited you are about the evening. Disregard any negative or nagging doubts, change those thoughts to totally positive, and you will come to have a positive result.

The thoughts you have are making your reality, and at the moment you are causing all this self loathing. This is not the real you, and so you have to be very determined to change. The way to do this is by altering your self talk and banishing all negativity by replacing it with strong, positive thoughts.

Good luck.


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