afraid of being looked down upon

by michelle

I know my problems apply to many other students seeking entry into university. In my country, those who cant make it into the elite universities will be "thrown" into this XXX university ( private university).

As such, people always label students from XXX university as losers and rejects of those elite universities. in addition, graduates from this XXX university do not have good job prospects as many employers prefer to hire graduates from those elite university. Unless you are the top few students from that university attaining first class honours, finding a job with an average pay or even just finding a job is a concern.

I know to tell others I am in XXX university is not something to be proud of. Instead it is something that one is ashamed to say. Sometimes, I really feel like ending my life and starting afresh as we can never turn back the clock. I often live in the past, continuously regretting and blaming myself for not scoring better grades in my final year examination.

What should I do? I really don't know how am I going to survive my next 3 years in that university. I cant stand the embarrassment when I tell people I am from XXX university.

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a degree or not to get a degree
by: bobafet100 jonny

Even if you get a good degree it doesn't mean you will get a good career. I have a good degree (1st class) and its not changed anything. In fact I've just spent time earning a degree. While my friends now have families and excellent jobs.

One of my friends is a police officer and I am unemployed and about to move into a council house. Good things happen to positive people. Well you might be better off just getting a good career outside if you can. I should have because I'm screwed now.

I'm not saying don't get a degree, but do some research first on the career you want. Because a first class in creative digital media, is just a piece of paper I've been told by employers.

Changing thought patterns
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Everything you have in your life is there because of your thought pattern. You are looking back on your life with regret at not achieving marks that enabled you to go to a certain university. What will benefit you is looking toward your future and deciding to become the best student at the university you don't want to go to.

You can survive the next three years by being determined to graduate with top marks as the best student in your class, with top honours! Prove to yourself that you can do this. Tell yourself every day that you are the best student, and then work hard in making your future into how you want it.

You can go through your life with thoughts of regret or you can change your thoughts to how clever you are, how much you are going to enjoy your time at university, and then set out to prove those thoughts true. They will be when you believe them. Don't every feel ashamed of yourself or what you do. Negative thoughts bring negative results. Be proud of who you are, love yourself and tell yourself how positive and worthwhile you are. Positive thoughts bring positive results. Your future is inside your mind.

The attitude you have of yourself makes you what you are.

Become magnificent!


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