What Is It About Attitude? Is It Contagious?

How's your attitude? If you ever think about attitude, have you wondered whether it might be contagious?

Do you wake up in the morning, and if it's sunny you feel good, and so you have a good day.

If it's cold or raining, do you say what a lousy day it is, and this affects your attitude, and so your day is not as good as it was yesterday, when the sun was shining?

Have you had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? The alarm never went off, there's no milk left for your coffee. Is it at this point you say "Nothings going to go right today."

As if to prove you right, the car refuses to start, and when you eventually arrive late to work, your co-worker smiles at you but on seeing your mood, her smile fades, her good mood disappears within minutes.

You're so busy, no time for a lunch break, and then the computer crashes.

How's your attitude at this point? How's that co-worker feeling?

To cap it all off there's a traffic hold up on the way home. When you eventually get home to your partner, do you say "I told you it was going to be one of those days, and I was right."

A great percentage of how you feel on any one day is determined by the way you want to feel. What you expect most to happen, increases the chance of it happening.

If you think about attitude, it is contagious isn't it? It only takes one person to be in a bad mood, and this infects the next person who passes it on to the next one and so everyone ends up in a bad mood, and all because of that one person.

Attitudes are contagious, so remember to make yours worth catching!

You can control your attitude, and let's face it, sometimes it's the only thing we can have control over.

Most of us have so much to be thankful for. A roof over our heads three meals a day, people who love us, friends who care about us. Sometimes we tend to forget this don't we? The choice is yours whether you endure your life orenjoy it.

Make your attitude a positive one!

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