A Retreat from Suffering

by Paul
(Wollongong - Australia)

Now this is really my own theory, but at least for me, it explains how a person might get Alzheimer’s Disease. So it goes like this, … Our emotional default setting is Warm, glowy, tingly, and feeling good. This is how we were born, what we are here for, and when in default mode, everything seems just rosy and perfect.

You might violently disagree with me on this. Well tough, I’m right about this. And as you know, I’m always right! It’s just so amazing to be always right, don’t you find?

But back to the story, When you are NOT in your default mode of feeling “Warm, glowy, and tingly”, the world becomes an alarming place to live in. A place where every bit of the news you hear on the telly, might just be about to happen near or to you. Not a nice feeling at all. All in our heads of course, but never the less, not very nice.

Like the weather, with it’s endless changes of good and bad weather, our world at least as it involves us, also has it’s ups and downs, but unlike our way of living, we don’t dwell on the weather that was too much. The weather comes and goes, and for the most part, we go with it.

But in our day to day lives, we are endlessly recalling all the bad weather. That fight, they did me wrong, the little vendettas, the hurt, shock and pain of it all. We don’t seem to be able to get over it, but we do effectively, rehash it all, and feel it some more, and get ourselves all worked up, miserable and full of suffering. Even though, if we looked up for a bit, we would see that the sun of our lives is never the less, sunny with a slight cooling breeze.

That default setting of Warm, glowy, and tingly, just like a computer’s reset button, needs to be triggered, so we can get back to our natural way to be. IF you don’t find ways to press that default button, your level of suffering might automatically press another little button, on your behalf.

It’s the button of Retreat. This is a pretty decent button to have. It has helped us out on many occasions, when we get over loaded with the bad weather of living. It allows us to forget, disable, disrupt, defocus, delete and dement!

All these things take the boo-boo’s away, but at a massive cost. Way too big really, if we really knew what’s going on. Which is this, to actually look the other way from where the pain and suffering is, we have to do very absurd things to our brain.

We have to shut off some parts, and switch on others, to artificially feel good. IF this makes no sense, consider this; When in shock, a fair amount of blood flow in the brain is directed away from the memory and some cognitive parts, to the brain parts involved with keeping heart, lungs alive.

This is all very well, but kept up indefinably, destroys the brain. You see the parts of the brain NOT getting much blood, oxygen, and nerve stimulation, … Slowly DIES. And this all in the name of keeping you happy.

And Alzheimer’s, looked at on the inside of the brain, is full of parts, dead and half dead. Blood definitely not flowing well. All because of shock. But, and here is the big But, pardon the but reference, … feeling bad for a very long time, even if it’s not at all conscious, does bad things to blood flow, among other nasty things.

Now don’t get all worried on me, this is really good news! What’s the good news, I hear you ask? It’s this, … being unhappy does you no good at all. It’s mostly pointless. But, … being happy does all the good in the world.

Blood flow, nerve generation, oxygen transportation, it’s all maximized by the Warm, glowy, and tingly feelings that feeling good brings.

To sum up, don’t press the Retreat from Suffering Auto Button, get Happy man!
Push that little default button of Happiness. Simple eh?
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Alz and dying
by: Paul

That's a very interesting thought,that Alz could be a retreat from the sense of impending death, and all the fear and uncertainty that entails. A great thought. Thank you


A retreat from suffering.
by: Anonymous

One theory I have on Alzhiemers is that I have become to wonder if people withdraw from life, some may be afraid of the actual act of dying and want to go out slowly.

I have found too that people who have held positions of responsibility in their working lives and made their identity around that working life, have found a vacuum when they have retired and their life is empty. Their personality has become entangled with their work and their status. They have no made any plans to reinvent their life when they retire and they are lost.

Other causes of Alzhiemers is deterioration of the brain. The mind and the brain are two different things, the mind is energy and the brain is a computer which the mind works through that is the only explanation that I can give. Whatever the causes, it is both distressing to the patient and to their carer.

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