A GREAT Grandma

by Sam


I have someone in my life that is GREAT at giving advice; she is a very positive person and always has the right things to say.

I believe that there is more than meets the eye, and that there are spirits and the like out there, but my parents do not (I am 14, so my parents opinions mean/count for a lot) so whenever I have something to say about that sort of thing, or anything really, I always go to my Grandma.

She has helped me build self confidence through her inspiring words, she told me that if I ever second guess myself all I need to do is take a deep breath and say something (an affirmation)in my head that will help me feel better again (these words need to be positive). The words she told me are "I am whole, I am perfect, I am strong, I am powerful, I am loving, I am harmonious, I am happy." Those 21 words have helped me a lot in the last 5 years and because of that I now am confident, well most of the time, if not I’ll just repeat the words until I believe it. (sometimes a bible phrase is great or even just something like ‘I can do this’ or ‘I believe in myself’ is great too.)

My Grandma has done a lot for lots of people, she is great at giving advice ......... If you haven’t guessed it, my Grandma is the writer of this website, KAY DRUMMOND :p

So I advise that if you need advice to ask her, because she knows lots of things that can help you believe in yourself too.
So ask away ;)


Why thank you Sam, what a wonderful reference you have just given me, and what a total surprise, right out of the blue!

You are special!

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Sam's Grandmother
by: Irene

What a lovely story! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma Sam, and your Grandmother is very lucky to have such a lovely and caring Grandaughter as you. Here's to many many many wonderful years together.

A great Grandma
by: Anonymous

That is good Sam, you are now getting to an age when you are fast growing up and your world is starting to expand. You are looking for answers and sometimes you have to go to people outside your immediate family circle for their aspect on life. You are fortunate to have access to a family member who is interested in being involved with you and your siblings.

I feel sad when I see children and young people left adrift when a parent dies or is very detached from them. This is not the case with you as you have a caring family. There are other family members who could take up that lack but some are just too selfish to put themselves out for the younger person. I know of someone who is in that position, and I feel sad for them as they so much need some direction and time from an uncle who could do this

I hope that whoever visits this website will be jogged into remembering someone in their own family who could do with a bit of attention.

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