Success - One Brick at a Time

Success can be yours! Are you closer to your goals and dreams today than you were yesterday? Will you be closer to those goals and dreams when you wake up tomorrow morning?

It all depends on the action you take every day towards achieving them.

Most people would agree that it is very important to be very clear and precise about the things that you desire in your life.

Almost all success courses and seminars highly encourage you to write down your goals and dreams, and to be very specific. It is indeed a huge key.

After writing them down, you need to make time on to review them a regular basis. You may even need to do a little fine tuning and revamping from time to time.

Many also advocate the great value in reading these affirmations, or goal statements every day. Some teachers even suggest that you do this two or three times a day. Some people write out their goals and dreams every morning on paper.

These and other methods help you to stay clear and focused on your goals and desires. Nothing really ever changes on the outside until there is change on the inside.

But, after endeavoring to do exercises like this on a consistent basis, then what? Just wait for things to happen?

The question you need to ask yourself every morning is, "What action am I taking today to reach my goals and dreams?"

While the above mentioned methods and exercises are extremely beneficial, they in and of themselves will not bring your goals and dreams into reality. However, they ought to inspire, encourage and motivate you to take action!

What kind of action?

Find something that you can do today, that is directly related to your goals and dreams.

If you do, you will be closer to your goals and dreams when you wake up tomorrow morning. It could be a phone call to gather information. It could be reading a new book in order to gain insight into your particular field. It could be visiting someone or some place.

The point is, do something.

Before you go to sleep at night, take a few moments to figure out exactly what you are going to do tomorrow that is directly related to your goals and dreams. Decide on at least one thing that you can do.

Many times people have wonderful goals and dreams. They even get very clear and specific. They incorporate some daily affirmations, or, use other methods to help get these dreams and goals locked into their minds. That's all well and good. But then, they wait to take any action.

Oftentimes, people truly believe that they are already taking enough action. And somewhere in their thinking, they have decided that they will do something about their goals and dreams when the time is right, or when they have more time to really work at success.

Do you know why people get stuck into thinking that way? It is because big goals and big dreams seem big, and sometimes, too big. If you're going to build a ten story brick building, you can't just lay one or two bricks, can you? Well, why not?

Think about it.

If you had all the bricks for that building right there next to you, how many bricks could you lay at a time? The building is built one brick at a time. Brick by brick, by brick, the building will be built.

Just because you don't have a whole day, or a week, or month to work on your goals and dreams, you can still lay one or two bricks today. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll have time to lay twenty or thirty. But, regardless of how busy you are, make time to lay at least one brick today!

If you do that, when you get up tomorrow morning, you will be closer to your goals and dreams than you are today. You will get there, one brick at a time.

Copyright Michael A. Verdicchio

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