4 ways to be true to you

by Naya luzalia

1. Be honest with yourself and others.

It's not tough unless you make it so. Don't ignore that part of you that wants to say or do something. Be very honest with yourself and speak your truth to others no matter what they may think. Your heart urges you for a reason, don't push it aside because it's uncomfortable. Break the barriers that hold you in and let your truth run free.

2. Follow your dreams.

We all have dreams, desires, things we keep close to our hearts. But a lot of people seem to think great successful lives are not for everyone. Quit the discouraging chatter and go for it, nothing should ever get in the way of what you want. Any obstacle can be conquered with pure dedication and love. Don't think dreams only come true for some, it's possible for anyone. Realise that you can do anything you set your mind to, nothing is too big or small. Take that leap of faith and don't give up on your dreams, you really have nothing to lose. Who wants to live a life of regret? Not me!

3. Don't ever feel ashamed.

Know that you are beautiful and amazing. Don't put so much pressure on yourself all the time. Forgive yourself, always. God forgives and so can you, own that entitlement. It's okay to feel negative towards yourself but don't let it boil up and cause harm to your being. Know that there is always room for improvement and each second allows opportunity for change, a new day, a fresh start. Wallowing will not help, lift yourself up and move on.

4. Owing an explanation for the things you do is not necessary.

Remember, your life is your own. What you do with your body and your life is your business only. You don't owe anyone an explanation for your personal choices, your beliefs or values. If it only affects you, it's nothing to anyone else. Don't feel like you have to explain you living circumstances to people or your job situation, who you're dating, what you put on your body. Things that only directly relate to you do not need to be explained to others. Okay? Okay.

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Being true to you
by: Anonymous

Yes, you are absolutely right. The thing is, once you start being kind to yourself, stop criticising yourself you will find your self esteem returning

by: Anonymous

You are so right. We don't need others approval, you do need your own self approval

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