21 and dont know what to do? big problem

by medina

"hey i am 21 years old and I haven't finished my studies like class 10 I feel stupid seriously I want to know if I can still study and finish it and get a job. I feel like a loser when I'm very talented. I really would love a job but I'm finding the studies coming in the way since I haven't finished.

I really want to be working in the media like working for artists such as DJs and singers ... like a managing director for a record label company or a Public Relation manager for the artists..? help me I need to know how do I do this where do I start from. Yes I know I need to work on my 10 and 12th exams and finish with college and then apply but what do you think I should do? Please sort this out for me ... PLEASE... its very important I need to earn money as I am very poor"

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