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May 2008

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It's true you know, that your thoughts make your reality, and whilst this is the case, we often don't take it to heart and try to control our thoughts. If the way we think is the way we are, and we aren't happy with how we are, then surely it must be in our control to alter the way things are in our life?

Do you spend your time telling yourself that you can't do certain things. Is there something you really want to do, and yet for some unknown reason you tell yourself that even if you try you'll be no good, so why bother. If this is the case, you limit yourself as to what you can do, and the more you limit yourself with these negative thoughts, then, of course, the less you will achieve.

It's funny you know, but so many of us want better lives, we aren't happy with the way things are, and yet we continue with these self-limiting thoughts. We don't make the effort to improve our thought process by being positive. Once you start thinking positively your life will change for the better.

When you continuously put yourself down by saying you can't do something, this is the way you are shaping yourself. It is so easy isn't it to say "I can't do that," but what would happen if you said "I can do that," and gave it a go? Wont it be great when you try something, succeed, and sit back and say "I didn't think I could do that."

The reason you could do it, was because you changed your thoughts and told yourself that you could. This is what you need to do when you appear to be stuck in a rut and want to change how things are. It's a rut of your own making!

You have free will, freedom of choice. You can do whatever it is that you want to, you just have to choose to do something, and then try.

Make the effort to give things a go. You may not succeed at first, but that's alright, that's OK, have another go. Try again, and you may succeed. The reason will be because you shaped your thoughts, and made them believable.

You trusted yourself and tried, and that's all you can do. To stand back and say you can't will not help you. Step up and say "I can do this" and try. This has got to be better for you, and once you do this, and succeed, you will have the courage to try something else.

The more you alter your thoughts to fit the way you want to be, the sooner you will become this way. Only you can do this. People can tell you, you can't, people can tell you, you can. It's up to you to listen to your own inner voice, and tell yourself that you can, and you will, do this.

No matter how many times you try to do something, if you keep trying you will eventually succeed. Only you can make your thoughts a reality. It's entirely up to you whether stay with your negative thoughts, and remain dis-satisfied, or you change your thoughts and decide to become the way you want. It's your choice, what are you going to do?

Let me know, I would love to hear from you when you put these positive thoughts into action. I would love to know that you tried and succeeded. I would love to know that you gave it ago, that you failed, but that you didn't give up, you tried again and were successful.

This is what life is about, you fall down, you get up, and you try again. So please, let me know when you have made your thoughts become your reality.

I can start a page of success stories about people who have tried, who believed in themselves, and who have made their thoughts their reality. So please, let me know, and we can have a Thoughts Became My Reality page for you.

Won't that be interesting? I really do hope you will let me know when you have succeeded and, if you can, what it was that you were successful at. This surely will encourage others to give things a go and make their thoughts a reality.

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