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September 2007

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My mum used to say, if you cant do something with a good heart, its not worth doing. I realize now that she was right (mothers normally are, aren’t they!) When you don’t have the right intention, there’s a good chance you aren’t going to succeed!

How do I know? Because I have spent the last three years as the President on a Church Committee that I didn’t particularly want to be on. Why did I stay on it that long? Yes, that’s a question I asked myself often! The answer is that no one else wanted to do it, so I felt I had no option.

I did the job half hearted, with no particular enthusiasm, in fact I sometimes found it a pain, having to open up the church, and set up for the service, and attend meetings once a month.

In my defence however, I always enjoy the service very much!

When I look back I can’t really believe I have been plodding along as President with the wrong attitude. It’s made even worse when I think of everything I have written, and believe, in this website, and here was I failing miserably!

I know that I always had a choice. I could have said no, when I first became President, which was because the previous person suddenly resigned, and the week before I had been made the Vice President, with no desire to be the President ever!

I have been looking forward to the Annual General Meeting in October, when I could step down. I gave out a message last Sunday at church, explaining that the meeting was being held in October, and that we needed committee members, or the Church would have to go into recess.

This caused a reaction! People took away forms to read through, they would join the Committee as they didn’t want the Church to close. Something happened to my way of thinking, and for some reason I realized I had been doing my job without intention or motivation.

You can do what someone asks because you feel you have no other option, (as I did) but I would like to put it to you that you do have an option, the choice is yours to make. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to. You can always choose to say no.

When you do something you don’t want, you may do it without motivation, and will probably gain no sense of enjoyment, or achievement.

It will help greatly if you can change your attitude from an "I don't want to do this" to an "I am going to prove that I can" one. After all, it was your choice to say yes, even though you wanted to say no!

This morning, I feel great! Why? Because I have changed my attitude, and empowered myself to do a good job, with, as my mother would say, a good heart.

I discovered an amazing e-book that really helped me, and put my thoughts into perspective.

Are you at the stage where you realize you have been living your life doing what is expected of you, but not what you want to do?

Would you like to know where you have been going wrong? This e-book gets you to ask yourself three simple questions that will enable you to gain control of your thoughts.

You will discover new strategies to change your old outdated beliefs, and how to eliminate self sabotage habits.

How to break free from emotions like anger, blame, jealousy, and boredom. These negative emotions keep you trapped in an endless circle of frustration.

You will also be shown how to eliminate those personal mental blocks that are stopping you from achieving your greatest dreams. Even just day to day tasks will suddenly seem easier.

Follow this link and find out what’s stopping you from being the way you want.

I am sure you will find this e-book extremely beneficial. I know I did!

When you really feel you don’t want to do something, you truly do have a choice. Make it the right one!

There are two new pages on the website that you may not have read yet.

They can be found at the following links:

Self Improvement

How to Like Yourself

In my last newsletter I told you about invitations I put on the website. I now have another one on that I really love, and I know you will enjoy if you take time to look at it!

I also hope you will have something you can tell us. It's about children, and what they have done that has made you proud, or things they may have said when they were younger that made you laugh, or embarrass you, as they sometime do!

Here is link for this invitation: The Things Children Say and Do

If you have a cute photo, why not send that through also. We would love to see it.

As I said in my last newsletter, the invitations that are on the website will not work if you don't pay a visit, and help those who need it, or share your inspirational stories with us, or let us offer to help you in whatever way we can.

Positive Personal Growth it is about whatever has given you inspiration, be it a person, something that happened, or your inspirational story, or memories, that you would like to share with us. We know your input will make the website worthwhile.

The third invitation, have you ever been so happy that you want to tell the world? This is your chance, we are planning to make happiness contagious! and can't wait to hear what you have to tell us! Shout as loud as you like, we are listening!

The fourth invitation, Do you have a

personal development problem ? This invitation is for any personal development problem you might need help with. I am hoping you might take the time to either share a problem, or visit us to see whether there is a problem you may be able to give advice on.

Maybe someone is going through the exact thing you went through, and you might be the person who can offer help to them.

What I hope is that you will get involved with Positive Personal Growth.Com and make it a worthwhile website. One that cares enough about people to want to share their joy, happiness, problems, listen, and offer help when they are in need. With your help I am certain it will work.

Got a story to share but not much good at spelling? Not a problem! Your contribution will not show live on the web site until I have seen it, and I have a big thick dictionary beside me! I would be lost with out it!

Thank you for being a part of this website. I truly appreciate it.

Please enjoy this free e-book. Choose Your Priority Wisely

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