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November 2007

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Comfort zones are soooo comfortable aren't they! They are a way of protecting yourself, but protecting you from what? More often than not it's from bettering yourself.

When you refuse to leave your comfort zone, you stop yourself from growing inwardly, or from developing in the way you want, but facing those butterflies in the stomach is sometimes just too much to cope with isn't it!

I've been thinking about comfort zones just lately. I have managed to step out of mine in a personal area of my life, but I find myself trying to talk myself into getting back into it.

Have you found that? Have you finally managed to crawl out of your comfort zone, only to talk yourself back into it? I know I have done this in the past. I have achieved what I wanted, but rather than move forward I have decided it wasn't what I wanted to do (even though I really knew it was) and I have given reasons to myself so that I could slip back into my safe place!

However, this time I have been talking positive to myself, and refusing to go back to that place of comfort, and I am trying to convince myself to move forward, even though I know the next step will make me nervous.

I enjoy watching contests about all different things on TV, because I admire watching the contestants who are obviously out of their comfort zones, and are brave enough to 'give it a go'. I always admire their strength and courage to keep going even though they are nervous. I am interested to see how they cope. They are always thrilled that they 'did it'.

There is a cooking program on the TV at the moment, and the contestants are TV personalities, sports stars, and other celebrities. It intrigues me that when they are speaking before the show they always say how terrified they are, or how nervous they feel. One even said he was like a quivering jelly! I would have assumed because of how successful they are in their lives, they would not get nervous about anything they tried to do.

So you see each of us no matter how famous, or how good we are at certain things, all have comfort zones that try to protect us, which can stop us developing.

The one sure way of bettering yourself is going to cause you discomfort. You will have to try to stop listening to the voice that keeps telling you that you can't do something, or that you don't want to do it.

Listen to your heart, the inner voice that knows what it is you want from life, the voice that wants you to move forward and grow inwardly.

Decide to stay positive at all times. Stay determined, and you will move forward along the path you choose, in the way you want.

Trust yourself. I know this is making it all sound simple, but trusting yourself is the basis of everything that happens in your life.

Maybe that should be the subject of the next newsletter!

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