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February 2008

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Do you believe in yourself? The most important quality you can develop is having belief in yourself. When you believe you can, you will have success in all areas of your life.

Almost everyone has the ability to do wonderful things within their lives, but the greatest obstacle for many people is self doubt, they just don't believe they can, and with this thought in their mind, often they are right – they can’t!

When you underachieve in areas of your life, it is more than likely because you have told yourself that you can’t do it. You may really long to accomplish something, but when you tell yourself you can’t you have sealed your fate.

When you have self-limiting beliefs, these act as breaks on your ability to achieve your goal. This in turn holds you back from trying your best, from giving that much needed 100%.

Do you have high hopes, dreams and aspirations only to let those doubts creep in and undermine your ability?

Perhaps you have feelings of inferiority because you feel you aren’t good enough? Do you think you aren’t as good as other people, and so are not good enough to acquire the things you want in your life?

You may feel that even though you work hard, and have achieved in some areas of your life, that you aren’t really entitled to your successes.

The Universal Law of Belief says that whatever we believe, with feeling becomes our reality.

We don’t believe what we see, instead, we see what we believe. You may find you don’t accept any information that is not consistent with your beliefs, even though you have beliefs that are totally inconsistent with reality. What you believe is true to you.

Beliefs that are self-limiting are the most harmful. You believe you can’t achieve something because you don’t have enough money or education, or you are the wrong sex, race or age. Most of these beliefs aren’t true, but because they are firmly in your mind, they will hold you back.

The only limitation on what you can be, and have, is if you lack the desire. When you have a goal you want to achieve badly enough, as long as you’re willing to see it through to completion, nothing will stop you from a successful outcome.

The fact is, you deserve every good thing you are capable of acquiring through the use of your talents.

To develop positive beliefs, you have to be clear about the results you want in your future. When you know what you want, the easier it will be for you to change your actions and behavior in the short term. This will ensure that you achieve in the long term.

When you decide on the type of person you want to be you will have taken a major step in developing your new beliefs. To incorporate your new beliefs into your daily life, you have to discipline yourself to act as if you are already this person.

Once you begin to act like the successful person you want to become you will find that the values, qualities and characteristics you chose will become a part of your personality.

You will discover that your attitude will change and that you are more confident. This will build stronger and more positive beliefs, which in turn will exert a positive influence on your values.

The only limitations on your potential are the ones you believe you have. Successful people are not special in any way, they are no different from you. They do however have a strong belief that they can accomplish anything that they really want in life.

Once you refuse to accept limitations in your life and develop that belief in yourself, you can live your life in accordance with your beliefs, and your future will be unlimited.

There are two new pages on the website that you may not have read yet.

They can be found at the following links:

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The links below are to Invitation pages on the website, where you can offer help to those with problems, or receive help yourself in an area of life that you aren't happy with. Also, share what you have to tell us in other areas of your life.

There are people who have no one they can talk to about their problems, or even share their good news, or happiness with. I am also sure there are those of you who have much knowledge and advice to share with those in need. I will also offer help and advice to anyone who asks.

Is low self confidence a problem?

Share your personal growth story. What or who is your inspiration?

The things children say and do

Let's make happiness contagious!

What I hope is that you will get involved with Positive Personal Growth.Com and make it a worthwhile website. One that cares enough about people to want to share their joy, happiness, problems, listen, and offer help when they are in need. With your help I am certain it will work.

Thank you for being a part of this website. I truly appreciate it.

I hope you enjoy this free e-book.

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