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Positive Personal Growth, The Way You think
October 20, 2014

Watch that reaction!

It's Kay Drummond from
October 2014

This issue includes:

  • The Way You Think
  • Pass This On Please

Your thoughts make you how you are, and yet how many times do you forget this and allow your thoughts to annoy you. If you stop and think about what I have said, it's not your thought that annoyed you insomuch as it was how you reacted to that thought that gave you the problem.

I was in the company of a friend who had been upset by his internet provider. There had been a complete muck up with things and he had problems, not only with his internet connection but with his phone. People couldn't get through to him and at times he couldn't phone out, so all in all not a happy experience.

What did he do though? He shouted down the phone and was probably quite obnoxious to the person on the other end of the phone who was trying to sort things out for him. He was impatient and frustrated because he was put on hold for so long.

I know you are probably in full agreement with the reason for his anger. However at what was to be a pleasant evening in the company of friends he spent most of the evening explaining to various people what had happened. Each time he told the story he brought all the anger and frustration back into his mind and got upset again. He was focused on what was wrong and not allowing the problem to be sorted by the experts. More importantly however his big problem was re-thinking everything over and over again. Each time bringing back his frustration.

I think it's something we all have done at times. No doubt you have had someone say something to you and you have snapped something back at them. That's OK, but instead of letting it go have you thought about it later, running through what was said, word for word, but this time adding what you wish you had thought of at the time? Did you then go to bed thinking about it and getting all uptight, but feeling a bit better because you had sorted out what you wish you had said. Of course you might then have woken up at and lay there bringing back the anger that you felt.

It's vital to realise that whilst someone may say something that hurts, and you feel the hurt, let it go. I know, easy to say and not easy to do. However when you let it go you prevent all the feelings of hurt and anger coming back. Why would you want this to continue?

When someone says something about you that makes you feel good you probably think about it for a short while, get warm fuzzy feelings and then forget about it. Now, just think, if you can let anger go as quickly as you let the warm fuzzies go you will save yourself a lot of upset don't you think?

When you watch your thoughts and how you react you are going to bring calm within you. We need calm in our lives to enable us to cope. Become aware of your reactions and when you feel yourself getting uptight at something, take a deep breath and let it go. Push it firmly into the past, think of something that brings you pleasure if you can, something to take your mind off what has upset you.

Remember, your thoughts make your reality and your reactions cause how you feel about things. Choose thoughts that bring you pleasure, discount the ones that upset you.

Take care, stay safe,

Kay x

In my last newsletter I mentioned I was writing a self imorovement book. I am happy to say I have now finished it. The book is titled Thought Talk.

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